Kader - Framework for positive change

Kader Group improves the quality, safety and sustainability of organizations, so that everyone can take good care of people, the environment and society. They do this with consultancy & interim services, digital solutions and training in the areas of quality, health & safety, cyber security and environment & sustainability.

The Kader Business Units are growing enormously and has undergone a transition to a completely new house style. I helped with my design skills to raise the bar of the Kader Marketing department to a higher level. I did this by establishing everything of Kader in an 80 page visual identity manual. Every detail from using the visual identity, strategy, tone of voice, grids, colours, photography guidelines, visual inspiration and many more.

Also translating everything you can imagine into various communication resources, print templates, videos, social media templates, infographics and many more.

Concept / logo design - Heldergroen
Made possible by HelloMaas

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