No stitch no story!

Van Gils logo. Update design.
The logo is usually the first acquaintance that potential customers have with the company. A logo must be clear, clear in form and appealing. A visual language in font, color and elements that shows what you want to express. 

The logo received an update. The stitches were reduced to three stitches, together with what Van Gils believes in. With in some occasional a small touch of Dutch design.
Logo design. The Green Stitch collection.
At Van Gils we love stitches and we love to renew. Those two favorites combined brings us our Green Stitch collection. Using ‘renewable’ materials to develop ’exclusive’ Van Gils designs provide this Green Stitch product with an extra dimension. The techniques of this special recycling process indicate a concern for our planet & respect for global resources. Enjoy LIFE while wearing!

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